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A James Tiptree Jr. Critique

New Books!

So I just picked up a couple of packages from the mail and copy center. Two of them are new (very old) Tiptree books. The first is Byte Beautiful. It’s kind of fun to have the actual, physical book that I just reviewed a story from in the last post. The book isn’t in great shape. It’s hardcover, so it’s more durable, but the spine is way out of whack, which has made the front cover push forward, and the back push back. This makes the spine almost at a forty degree angle so it’s visible when the book lies flat. It’s also an old library book, so it’s got a stamp in the front, and one of those card holders in the back. Oh well. None of the pages are highlighted, bent, or ripped, so I’d call that a success.


The other one is Warm Worlds and Otherwise. The cover art is lovely old seventies science fiction art. And the book itself is perfect. It looks like it hadn’t even been opened. Also, props to seller bujoldfan on Amazon.com for shipping it in a padded envelope and between two pieces of cardboard so it wouldn’t get bent out of shape. I can’t wait to read these two, especially the new stories I’ve never read.


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  1. Very good! I am now jealous.

    Comment by Julie Kornblum | February 15, 2011 | Reply

    • That I got my pictures to work? It took quite a bit of finagling.

      Comment by Samantha Kornblum | February 15, 2011 | Reply

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